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Integrated Temperature Controlled Packaging Solutions (TCP Solutions)


Mediline Isothermal Solutions is a greek industry, among the 15 leading industries worldwide, in regards of isothermal packaging solutions, for the transportation of temperature-sensitive products. It was established in 1994, starting with the production of ice packs for the pharmaceutical market. Over the years, after thorough studies, the company proceeded to the creation of specialized TCP (Temperature Controlled Packaging) solutions, the IsoBox Puzzle Series, developed by its own R&D department. This is a patented innovation, currently being used internationally by its production units in Boston and Istanbul. Thanks to this innovation, Mediline currently cooperates with 95% of active pharmaceutical companies in the Greek market.

The Company today has over 300 ready-made solutions for different temperature transport scenarios, in different external environmental conditions, based on the internationally recognized AFNOR and ISTA standards. All solutions are evaluated and validated in simulation conditions in the company’s laboratories, either in a special simulation chamber, or with the most advanced and modern global computing application ANSYS, but also in real conditions. Mediline’s know-how and its fully equipped laboratories enables the ability to easily modify and customize new products, based on custom needs or even design new products, ensuring that the result will be reliably pre-evaluated and validated.

The past few years, Mediline transferred the know-how to the food market as well, since the solutions it offers are ideal and much more economical for the transport of perishable food, fish and drinks. Mediline can ensure, in this very demanding market, that the product will reach its destination, having its original quality characteristics, such as the time it was packed, with zero deviations.