IsoBox MDP/MEP Puzzle Series

ISOBOX MDP Puzzle and presentation of a new design and validation method of a complete isothermal solution.

A new and innovative product of Mediline Isothermal Solutions.

It is an assembled Isothermal box in an original form of an easy Puzzle (International Patent). The production method provides unique features. No use of adhesive medium is required. The assembly is a very quick and easy procedure. The different parts connect to each other firmly and they form a very rigid result with increased mechanical and isothermal properties.

Additionally, the option to be delivered disassembled, saves storage space up to 200% in contrast to conventional isothermal boxes.

It is the most modern, innovative and ideal solution for perishables protection. An important part of the Pharmaceutical Companies sensitive supply chain.

In conjunction with the professional gel packs produced by our company, ISOBOX isothermal boxes may cover delivery durations from 24 up to 120+ hours, for product safe temperature range between 2o – 8o C.

Food Industry